A summit for comp pioneers

February 28-29 — SF Bay Area, co-hosted by Roblox & Stripe

Thanks for an epic Compalluminati 2024. Check out the event recap for key stats, speaker insights, poll results, photos, and more!

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Upgrade your comp skills, data, and network

Compalluminati™ 2024 offers talks, panels, and workshops led by comp leaders from NVIDIA, DoorDash, Micron, Roblox, Stripe, Electronic Arts, and Compa’s Co-founder & CEO, Charlie Franklin.

Programming will highlight fresh strategies in benchmarking, internal offer analysis, market forecasts, and executive and board communications.

Peer dinners and networking opportunities will also be facilitated.

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100 Comp Pros
9 speakers
2 days

Meet the top experts in compensation

Data provides some of comp’s greatest insights. Industry peers share its most valuable lessons.

Take a break from comp planning

It’s that time of year again. And while we can’t solve that big job architecture project for you, some networking and expert insights will infuse new perspective into your process.

Plus, you’ll learn how the best leaders in comp handle shifting markets, lower budgets, and higher expectations.

Co-Hosted by Roblox and Stripe

Compalluminati™ 2024 gathers at Roblox and Stripe headquarters thanks to their incredible compensation teams.

SF Bay Area, February 28-29 2024

A summit for comp leaders from the world’s best tech companies

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